Listen to music the way you like. As of 31st July, the REVISIONS series from ANAKLASIS is also available on LPs!

Listen to music the way you like. As of 31st July, the REVISIONS series from ANAKLASIS is also available on LPs!

17 / 07 / 2023
The REVISIONS series from ANAKLASIS aims to present the timeless qualities of music by classical masters in the form of remakes by contemporary artists well known in the jazz scene. Last year the audience had the opportunity to become acquainted with the works of Henryk Wieniawski, a great 19th-century violinist, as seen through the eyes of Adam Bałdych, and with the music of Karol Szymanowski as ‘X-rayed’ by Adam Pierończyk. These interpretations, already known from CDs, will presently be available for playback on a gramophone. They will also become part of unique concert programmes presented during prestigious summer festivals.


LEGEND presented anew

Henryk Wieniawski, one of the greatest violinists of his time, was also a composer who possessed a profound and intimate knowledge of his instrument’s possibilities. No wonder, therefore, that his music continues to inspire successive generations of artists. One of them, Adam Bałdych, has reinterpreted selected works by this violin master. His visions of Wieniawski’s music, recorded with Adam Bałdych Quintet and the outstanding classical violinist Agata Szymczewska, have been recorded on an ANAKLASIS album, first in CD format, now also on an LP.

LEGEND will also be performed live. On 2nd August, during the 9th ‘Capital of Polish Language’ Festival, Wieniawski’s virtuosity will reveal its new contemporary face. This time, rather than with his quintet, Bałdych performs in a duo with pianist Krzysztof Dys. Together, they will demonstrate that the music of the ‘violin prince’ offers limitless possibilities for experimentation.

Szymanowski X-rayed and refurbished

The music of Karol Szymanowski captured the imagination of Adam Pierończyk who, in a trio with Dominik Wania and Nelson Veras, discovered its potential in their daring impressions on that brilliant composer’s Études, Op. 33. To them, Szymanowski’s pieces became a starting point for further explorations, resulting in seven poems for saxophone, piano, and electric guitar.

The CD went on sale last year in November, while the end of July sees the release of the vinyl version. The music can also be heard live on 18th August at Cracow’s Alchemia club, where Pierończyk and Wania will play as a duo during that Summer Jazz Festiva Krakow. It is Poland’s largest festival of this kind, featuring the greatest Polish and international jazz stars during two months of concerts. Tickets can be purchased from the festival’s website.
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