Igor Boxx

Igor Pudło (artistic pseudonim: Igor Boxx) is a Polish DJ, music producer and sound engineer, known for his hybrid composition technique, based on combining samples from old records with the sound of electronic instruments, which endows his music with an intriguing retro-futuristic flavour. With Marcin Cichy he performs in the Wrocław nu-jazz duo Skalpel, winner of the ‘Polityka’ weekly’s Passport Award, which gained recognition also outside Poland for their innovative fusion of the 60’s and 70’s Polish jazz with electronics. The duo records for the cult label Ninja Tune.

Boxx’s solo albums are: Breslau (Ninja Tune, 2010), Dream Logic (Barcode Records, 2012), Delirium (Plug Audio, 2015), and Fyodor (Tool Boxx, 2018). The CD Breslau, a moving tale of the city of Wrocław’s historical heritage, has won both critical and audience acclaim.

The artist has given performances at Poland’s major music festivals, such as Open’er Festival, OFF Festival, Sacrum Profanum, and Selector. He has collaborated with such musicians as Apteka, Hurt, Lech Janerka, L.U.C, Evorevo, and Pudliszki. He was also the curator of the electronic music stage during the European Culture Congress in Wrocław, and created music for the Port Literacki Wrocław festival – European Writers’ Meetings. 

Phot. Bartosz Hołoszkiewicz
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