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ANA 019
The Stalowa Wola composers, also known as Generation ’51, hold a separate place in Polish contemporary music, one that justly deserves to be remembered. What Aleksander Lasoń, Andrzej Krzanowski, and Eugeniusz Knapik have in common is that they first came to public attention at the 1970s’ ‘Young Musicians for the Young City’ festival in Stalowa Wola, but also that they presented an ambivalent attitude to the avant-garde, drawing on its achievements but avoiding a rigid doctrinaire approach, and they let their music sound at least a note of romanticism.
ANA 018
Emotions related to the Chopin Competition immediately fire the enthusiasm even of those music lovers who in other circumstances would seldom reach for the music of Poland’s most eminent composer. The temperature of the debate naturally reaches its height directly before the jury’s verdict is announced, but it later goes down only very slowly, and the process can take months if not years – luckily so, since these are matters worth arguing about… In the meantime, here comes our 3CD box FRYDERYK CHOPIN – PIANO CONCERTOS / ÉTUDES / CHAMBER WORKS from ANAKLASIS, aiming to reconcile all the parties.
ANA 017
Drach’s element was the earth. With their next joint project, Aleksander Nowak and Szczepan Twardoch pay homage to water, though the true object of their artistic contemplation is the journey as a longing for change and a quest for meaning in life.
ANA 016
Bells have for centuries remained an element of the Polish audiosphere. ‘For the Angelus bells are ringing…’ wrote Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer of these sounds which have been as natural to the landscape as thatched roofs, village graveyards, rivers and woods. Even so, the carillon (a set of at least 23 tower bells activated by means of a special keyboard) still appears to be an exotic instrument and its potential largely remains unrecognised.
ANA 075
GREAT ENCOUNTERS are excellent performances of outstanding works, but also meeting points between great composers and performers. Music by Fryderyk Chopin, Henryk Wieniawski, Stanisław Moniuszko, Karol Szymanowski, and Ignacy Jan Paderewski represents the musical idiom of Polishness to which successive generations of artists and music-lovers have always referred.
ANA 015
Marcin Stańczyk, pupil of, among others, Zygmunt Krauze and Ivan Fedele, is an artist who both seeks and finds solutions, asks questions and provides us with answers.
ANA 014
Does music need parity? Probably not, it defends itself. But it is worth noting and emphasising the artistic advantages of outstanding contemporary composers and their unforgettable predecessors - women in Polish music are a voice as separate as it is expressive. The album is the result of cooperation with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, and more specifically the Polskie Heroiny Dźwięku (Polish Heroines of Sound) program conducted by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as part of the wider Polska Music campaign.
ANA 013
Dawid Bajgelman is a composer from Łódź, born in 1888, who used to specialise in adapting Jewish musical tradition to the needs of operettas and cabaret. He founded a symphony orchestra in the ghetto and continued composing. He did not survive the Holocaust; he died in a concentration camp. Fortunately, his music is alive again.
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