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ANA 017
Drach’s element was the earth. With their next joint project, Aleksander Nowak and Szczepan Twardoch pay homage to water, though the true object of their artistic contemplation is the journey as a longing for change and a quest for meaning in life. With the voices of Joanna Freszel, Jan Jakub Monowid, and Ewa Biegas, the protagonists (the Girl, the Boy, and the Siren) sing about their longing, love, freedom, fear, chaos, and emptiness. They are accompanied by a string orchestra (AUKSO Chamber Orchestra of the City of Tychy under Marek Moś), a saxophone (Bartłomiej Duś), a guitar (Daniel Popiałkiewicz), and a piano (Piotr Sałajczyk).

Unlike Drach. Dramma per musica, which was an adaptation of his earlier work, Siren. Melodrama aeterna is Twardoch’s original libretto, the fruit of the Silesian writer’s and the Silesian composer’s freshly discovered, shared fascination with the sea. The work was premiered at AUKSODRONE festival in Tychy in November 2020.
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