LutosAir Quintet

One of the most active and versatile wind ensembles in Poland. Founded in 2013 to mark Witold Lutosławski’s birth centenary, LutosAir Quintet is one of the ensembles-in-residence at Wrocław’s National Forum of Music. Its members are soloists of NFM Wrocław Philharmonic and NOSPR: Jan Krzeszowiec (flute), Karolina Stalmachowska (oboe; previously - Wojciech Merena), Maciej Dobosz (clarinet), Alicja Kieruzalska (bassoon), Mateusz Feliński (horn). The quintet focuses especially on most recent music, such as the works of Paweł Hendrich (including a CD under the DUX label), Marcin Stańczyk, Rafał Augustyn, and Nikolet Burzyńska. A composition by Fazıl Say performed by the quintet became the basis for the film Neither Peace nor Quietness (dir. Zbigniew Bodzek and Michał Dawidowicz), awarded in many international festivals.

The quintet gives many acclaimed performances in Poland and abroad, with appearances at major festivals such as the Warsaw Autumn, Wratislavia Cantans, Poznań Music Spring, the Music on the Heights International Festival of Chamber Music, La Folle Journée, HMG Festival, Jazztopad, and London Jazz Festival. The ensemble’s CD releases include the most beautiful contemporary wind quintets (Canto for Winds, NFM, CD Accord, 2017), Witold Lutosławski’s songs (in the series Witold Lutosławski – Opera Omnia, NFM, CD Accord, 2018), recorded with NFM Boys’ Choir, Lutosławski Quartet, and NFM instrumentalists under Andrzej Kosendiak.

Phot. Łukasz Rajchert
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