Marcel Comendant

Dulcimer player, born in 1980 in Chișinău (Moldova). He learned the dulcimer at secondary music school (Chișinău’s Liceul de Muzică ‘Ciprian Porumbescu’) and subsequently at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica (Slovakia). He studied the performance techniques on various European folk instruments and on those used in Hungarian classical music.
His numerous accolades include the first prizes in the International Eugen Coca Competition for Young Performers in Chișinău and the Constantin Brăiloiu International Competition in Tulcea, Romania (both still as a secondary school student), as well as the Grand Prix of the International Dulcimer Competition (Mezinárodní Festival Cimbálu) in Valašské Meziříčí (the Czech Republic, 2001).
He regularly gives concerts at international festivals and other events. He has performed in Austria, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia and other Balkan states, as well as throughout Eastern Europe. With violinist Stanislav Palúch and bassist Róbert Ragan he plays in jazz trio PaCoRa. He is also a member of the folk-jazz band Bashavel.
He is much sought-after for various musical projects as a musician with wide-ranging performance skills, moving freely between genres and styles.

Phot. Vlado Veverka
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