Singer and instrumentalist, songwriter, composer of theatre and film music; curator and music producer; documentary film director and scriptwriter; promoter of Polish and foreign traditional music; originator of Monodia Polska singers’ ensemble, which performs songs from oral tradition.

In 2017–2019 he presented a broadcast series titled A Musical Journey through Poland on Polish Radio Channel One. In 2019–2021 he hosted the Thursday editions of Źródła (Sources) magazine on Channel Two. Since 2020 he has had his own original series titled Oh Yes Mazovia on Polish state television TVP3 Warsaw. He promotes Polish traditional music as a singer, researcher, music journalist, and academic teacher. He studies and guards the treasure hoard of religious and secular songs handed down for generations exclusively in oral tradition. He is also a screenwriter and director of documentaries on this subject.

He was one of the pioneers of the revival of interest in traditional music performed in crudo 30 years ago. For more than 25 years he has held singers’ meetings dedicated to Polish traditional song. His work has led to the emergence of numerous vocal ensembles in the majority of Poland’s academic cities. With Monodia Polska he performs medieval and Renaissance polyphony, presenting this repertoire every year at such festivals as Actus Humanus, New Epiphanies, and Eufonie. He is the music curator of Monodic Music Festival in Płock, dedicated to Gregorian chant and to broadly conceived church music.
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