The Austrian guitarist Christian Fennesz, composer and electronic music producer, is an icon of Europe’s ambient music scene. He studied guitar and ethnomusicology; his experiments with electronics date back to his earliest years. He plugged the guitar into a computer to transform its sounds, and this led him to develop his unmistakable style. He began his career as vocalist/guitarist/songwriter to Maische, one of the most interesting bands of the Viennese underground in the late 1980s. In the next decade he was associated with Vienna’s techno scene, but ever since the release of CD Hotel Paral. lel he has focused on a solo career, gaining fame as the author not only of unique types of electronic sound explored in his own compositions, but also of unconventional interpretations of popular music hits such as Rolling Stones’ Paint It Black and Beach Boys’ Don’t Talk. His unusual ideas continue to inspire the IDM scene, which has led to collaborations with such experimental music personalities as Ryūichi Sakamoto, David Sylvian, and Mike Patton.

Fennesz has released 7 original albums, including the famous Endless Summer (Editions Mego, 2001), hailed as one of the most important events of the decade, which changed the perception of electronic music worldwide. His most recent CD Agora, released in April 2019 by Touch, explores minimalist forms that stylistically look back to his earliest productions.

Phot. Luis Martins
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