Robert Rich

He studied experimental music at the prestigious Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics at Stanford University, as well as graduating in psychology (his work concerned the so-called ‘lucid dreams’). This pioneer of electronic music in the USA contributed to the emergence of such new genres as ambient, dark ambient, tribal, and trance. He is known for constructing his own synthesisers.

In 1982 he held the first of the now legendary All-Night Sleep Concerts – all-night events for a sleeping public. One of these, Somnium, was released on a 7-hour DVD album (Hypnos, 2001), and counts among the longest continuous pieces of music ever to have been released. In 2014 the album was reissued in an extended 15-hour blu-ray version as Perpetual (Soundscape).

Robert Rich has performed on three continents, not only at festivals, but also in caves, planetaria and cathedrals. One of his All-Night Sleep Concerts was given in Poland as part of Unsound festival (2013). Rich’s discography comprises more than 50 albums. He has also written music for films and TV programmes, while the sounds he created are now available in preset libraries to new generations of electronic music makers. He has acted as sound producer and mastering artist to other musicians. Robert Rich has collaborated with Steve Roach, Lustmord, Ian  Boddy, David Torn, Alio Die, Paul Haslinger, and Markus Reuter.

Phot. Brian Tirpack
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