About us

Music as a discipline of art specifically unfolds in time. The situation of contemporary music is particularly difficult because it does not have much time on hand. Novelty becomes tradition in the twinkling of an eye; a rebel turns into a guardian of order, and revolution slows down to become evolution. The most creative moment of ferment, when something new is emerging in art, is thus easily overlooked.

It is easier to appreciate contemporary music after it has become a classic. Why tarry, though? ANAKLASIS, our new record label, operating under the auspices of PWM Edition, is a response to the expectations of composers and the needs of the audience. The label’s name comes from Greek and literally means ‘refraction of light’. The term also has a musical meaning, however; it refers to a modification of rhythmic feet attained through rearranging their elements. It is also the title of Krzysztof Penderecki’s 1959 composition which applies this concept in practice.

ANAKLASIS releases Polish music of the 20th- and 21st-centuries. We present excellent composers and performers as well as outstanding works. Our aim is to popularise contemporary music among open-minded listeners who explore new territories and are ready for new challenges, but may not have previously been interested in such a repertoire.

The ANAKLASIS catalogue is divided into publishing series, each of which represents one fascinating phenomenon in contemporary music.
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