William Basinski

A New York composer of ambient music, who has recently resided in California. Despite his classical music education he has focused for more than 30 years on various types of electronic and experimental music. Original video projections are another major area of his activity as an artist. His most recognisable work, the cycle Disintegration Loops I–IV (2002/2003), consists of digital recordings of fragments from 1980s music in the form of magnetic tape loops. This 4CD release garnered excellent reviews and was listed among ‘Pitchwork’ magazine’s 50 best albums of 2004. In his solo performances, Basinski combines excerpts from The Disintegration Loops with photos of the collapsing twin towers of World Trade Center. Pieces from the album have frequently been used as a music illustration for the events of 9/11, while Maxim Moston’s orchestral version of that material has been presented at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Queen Elizabeth Hall, and La Batie Festival in Geneva, among others.

One of the highlights of Basinski’s career was his music for Robert Wilson’s opera The Life and Death of Marina Abramović, which, after its world premiere at the Manchester International Festival in 2011, was presented throughout Europe and North America. 2017 saw the release of Basinski’s A Shadow In Time – for David Robert Jones, dedicated to the memory of David Bowie.

Phot. Wojciech Wandzel
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