Grażyna Auguścik

Jazz singer, arranger, composer, and producer, one of jazz scene’s most fascinating figures, highly praised for the style and technique of her interpretations, which combine freedom with precision. She performed at song and jazz festivals throughout Poland in the 1970s and 80s. Following the release of her debut album Sunrise Sunset (1988) she left for the United States, where she worked with Michał Urbaniak and Urszula Dudziak, among others, as well as taking up studies at Boston’s Berklee College of Music (completed in 1992). Two years later she moved to Chicago.

She has collaborated with Patricia Barber, Paul Wertico, John Medeski, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Matt Ulery, John Kregor, Rob Clearfield, and Jon Deitemyer. For more than 20 years she has played in a Brazilian music duo with Paulinho Garcia.

Her discography comprises more than 20 solo albums and several dozen collaborations. She records vocal versions of instrumental works, as well as albums inspired by classical, ethnic, and Latin American music.

Over the years she has frequently held the title of ‘Jazz Forum’ magazine’s best jazz vocalist, and been nominated for prestigious awards, as well as winning a prize at the Fujitsu-Concord Jazz Festival. In 2017 she received the Silver Medal for Merit to Culture — Gloria Artis.

In Chicago she is also known as an organiser of music events, including Chopin concerts which have met with critical acclaim from, among others, reviewers of ‘Chicago Tribune’. Since 2017 she has organised the Chopin IN the City festival in Chicago.

Phot. Krystyna Andryszkiewicz
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